For this program, our partner requested our services to provide complete logistical support for a complex, multi-city Maymester in Scandinavia. The 14-day program was spread across six cities in three countries including Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Focusing on biomedical modeling and global health, the program details were already constructed by the professor and included their necessary stops throughout the duration of the trip. However, group transportation and accommodation needed to be arranged to incorporate as many stops as possible within the desired price range. 


14-day program in Scandinavia

Included Cities: 

Copenhagen, Denmark

 Linkoping, Sweden

Lulea, Sweden

 Uppsala, Sweden

 Stockholm, Sweden

 Helsinki, Finland

Complete Logistical Support:

Breakfast Everyday


Group Transfers: Train & Ferry

24/7 emergency assistance


Working closely with the professors responsible for creating the program proposal, we constructed an itinerary that would provide accommodation arrangements and transportation throughout the 14-day program. Since the lead professors had a comprehensive program, utilizing contacts at many universities across Scandinavia, we were tasked with finding time-efficient and affordable transportation to give students the opportunity to make contacts and learn from as many different universities as possible. 

Based on our experience and the needs of the program, we were able to secure four group train transfers, two of which included overnight trains with private group cabins for the students. Time is a crucial commodity on short-term study abroad programs, therefore, overnight travel with sleeping arrangements can save daylight hours and additional accommodation costs. We also advised on acquiring an overnight ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki to save on flight costs and deliver a program under budget. 

Through contacts in our extensive network, we reserved 6 hotel stays at top-rated hotels with excellent reviews and close proximity to university partners. The stays were spacious and comfortable with two students to a room and private rooms for the two lead professors. An added bonus was an included breakfast at every accommodation. In our experience, an included breakfast is a crucial component of a program itinerary to help students keep costs down and start the day with ease and a nutritious meal before diving into their educational endeavors. 

Overall the professors were delighted that we were able to include all of their priority destinations and two secondary locations in the allotted time. During the trip, they were able to feel at ease knowing we were available 24/7 throughout the program in case they had any questions or needed additional support. The program design had been thoughtfully curated by passionate professors in their field and we were able to ease the burden of logistics and create a seamless operation.