"It’s so nice to have such a professional, well-run, safe, and fun organization make the headaches of planning and logistics just go away! No unique request of mine has ever been unmet, and the flexibility and customization opportunities are extensive and greatly appreciated. My students and I are left with just great experiences, all the attention we could possibly need, and the joy of dealing with enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides providing us with incredible experiences!"

Hofstra University

Randal K. Hillebrand

Professor of Communication Studies

"4.0 Tours is very easy to work with and they are very good at customizing our university programs to the price points I desire. They are quick to respond and their personnel on the ground are absolutely fantastic. I cannot imagine pulling off these very large study abroad programs without my 4.0 Tours partners.”

North Dakota State University

Dr. Newell Wright

Director of the Center for Global Initiatives

"4.0 not only handles my logistics in a seamless manner, they also understand how to deliver to American students while keeping safety on the front burner at all times.”

Spring Hill College in Bologna

Dr. Todd Waller



  • Arts & Culture in Florence

    Located in the heart of Tuscany, we learn how arts and culture have defined the Renessiance city of Florence, Italy. This weekend program you will venture through the city's historic streets visiting the Duomo, Galleria dell'Accademia and world-famous Uffizi Gallery. You will end your weekend having experienced the most incredible sights the city has to offer.

  • Fashion in Paris

    For a behind the scenes look into the world of fashion you'll travel to Paris, France, the fashion captial of the world. Throughout the course of this captivating week we'll walk the same streets of fashion icons, visit a sustainable fashion brand, tour musuems, and visit the Palace of Versailles. Dive into fashion on our week-long program, which provides a comprehensive study of this fabulous industry.

Road Map To Your Faculty-Led Program

Program Development

Planning your faculty-led study abroad program and don’t know where to start? As experienced tour providers, we’ve laid out your first three, simple steps that you need to begin thinking about for your program. Download our Road Map to Your Faculty-Led Program to get started today.


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