Custom Program Solutions

We partner directly with universities and educational programs to develop, organize and operate custom faculty-led programs, short-term study abroad programs, and a variety of educational experiences across Europe. We work with your unique program area of focus and budget to provide custom support for your group.


On The Ground Support

Headquartered in Interlaken, Switzerland with offices in Florence and Rome, our vast European blueprint provides on the ground support for your specific program needs. We have safely carried over 175,000 students across Europe and North Africa.

Tailored Partnership Options

There are multiple ways we can partner together and provide your organization with support. From à la carte logistical support to fully designed and executed programs, we deliver the exact amount of support your program needs.

Experiential Learning

Working for over 16 years in student tourism, we understand the needs and desires of students during their time abroad. By blending cultural learning with hands-on activities, students will have a completely immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression.

A Simplified Process

  • Contact Us

    Whether you need more help with the development of your itinerary or you’re ready to submit your request for proposal, we want to hear from you and work together to plan your study abroad program.

  • Program Development

    After discussing the details and requests for your program with your personal account manager, an itinerary will be created that encompasses the subject matter of your study abroad travels.

  • Pre-Trip Planning and Organization

    Once your itinerary is set, our operations and logistical team handles all pre-trip planning and booking. We provide the necessary materials for your university or program, students and parents, so that all parties are informed and ready for their studies abroad.

  • The Experience

    Our experienced 4.0 Tours team will provide you with all of the on-the-ground support you need so your group can enjoy, learn and explore Europe.

4.0 Tours Reach

With more than 16 years of experience in student travel, we have established an expansive network across Europe and North Africa. Extending across 50 destinations and growing in more than 20 countries, we have the connections to execute your ideal itinerary with ease.


20+ European


  • Fashion in Paris

    For a behind the scenes look into the world of fashion you'll travel to Paris, France, the fashion captial of the world. Throughout the course of this captivating week we'll walk the same streets of fashion icons, visit a sustainable fashion brand, tour musuems, and visit the Palace of Versailles. Dive into fashion on our week-long program, which provides a comprehensive study of this fabulous industry.

  • Arts & Culture in Florence

    Located in the heart of Tuscany, we learn how arts and culture have defined the Renessiance city of Florence, Italy. This weekend program you will venture through the city's historic streets visiting the Duomo, Galleria dell'Accademia and world-famous Uffizi Gallery. You will end your weekend having experienced the most incredible sights the city has to offer.

  • Public Healthcare in Italy, Switzerland, & The UK

    For an in-depth look at International public healthcare, traverse across Europe on a multi-city program to three distinct locations— Italy, Switzerland, and The UK. With Italy ranking as a world leader in health, Switzerland’s dynamic public healthcare systems, and London hosting the international public healthcare conference, each stop offers students a diverse and engaging exploration of European healthcare.


"It’s so nice to have such a professional, well-run, safe, and fun organization make the headaches of planning and logistics just go away! No unique request of mine has ever been unmet, and the flexibility and customization opportunities are extensive and greatly appreciated. My students and I are left with just great experiences, all the attention we could possibly need, and the joy of dealing with enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides providing us with incredible experiences!"

Hofstra University

Randal K. Hillebrand

Professor of Communication Studies

"4.0 Tours is very easy to work with and they are very good at customizing our university programs to the price points I desire. They are quick to respond and their personnel on the ground are absolutely fantastic. I cannot imagine pulling off these very large study abroad programs without my 4.0 Tours partners.”

North Dakota State University

Dr. Newell Wright

Director of the Center for Global Initiatives

"4.0 not only handles my logistics in a seamless manner, they also understand how to deliver to American students while keeping safety on the front burner at all times.”

Spring Hill College in Bologna

Dr. Todd Waller


Team 4.0 Tours

Meet our 4.0 Tours team comprised of dedicated and seasoned travel experts who will guide you every step of the way.

The Impact of Internships in Europe on Students’ Transferable Skills

A common question in the international education community is how can we evaluate and value the experience of study abroad or intern abroad experiences. How can we convey the positive impact this experience will have on a potential student? The European Internship Study 2019 seeks to compare the impact of studying abroad and interning abroad in Europe on the development of students’ transferable skills and their life and career trajectory.


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