Road Map To Your Faculty-Led Program

Program Development

Planning your faculty-led study abroad program and don’t know where to start? As experienced tour providers, we’ve laid out your first three, simple steps that you need to begin thinking about for your program. Download our Road Map to Your Faculty-Led Program to get started today.

How To Develop Students Into Global Citizens

International Education

Ready or not, the future is a globalized one. How are you preparing your students for this shift?

We’ve laid out three actionable steps to assist you in developing your students into global citizens and set them up for future success.

7 Best Questions To Ask When Choosing a Tour Provider

Program Development

If you’ve decided to start planning your study abroad program and search for a tour provider but don’t know the questions to ask potential providers, we’ve got you covered. Based on 15 years of experience, we have compiled our list of the 7 best and most necessary questions to ask during your process of selecting a tour provider for your program.

The Ultimate Guide To Historical Sites In Italy

International Education, Travel

5 Steps To Your Best NAFSA Annual Conference Ever

International Education

The Impact of Internships in Europe on Students’ Transferable Skills

A common question in the international education community is how can we evaluate and value the experience of study abroad or intern abroad experiences. How can we convey the positive impact this experience will have on a potential student? The European Internship Study 2019 seeks to compare the impact of studying abroad and interning abroad in Europe on the development of students’ transferable skills and their life and career trajectory.

Does the Length of Study Abroad Matter?

In our second report from our 2019 European Internship Study, we dive into the factor of the length of study abroad and internships abroad and how the duration abroad affects the perceived impact of students on their skill development and overall evaluation of their experience.


Measuring the Impact on Students of Abroad Experiences in Europe 2020

Our second annual study surveyed almost 500 students in an effort to uncover trends and correlation between these study abroad and intern abroad experiences and its impact on their skill development and career trajectory.

Our new set of qualitative data is a collection of students who studied abroad or interned in Europe and seeks to gain a greater understanding of the perceived impact of an international experience. Our study compares the answers from our 2019 survey to compare the two data sets. 

Our research conveys how international experiences in Europe impact transferable skill development and other key educational and career-based competencies. With two years of proprietary qualitative data, we wish to continue sharing the findings of our research year over year to help inform the study abroad/intern abroad community to aid in the continued development of these programs.


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Professor of Communication Studies